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Still in early alpha stage, NOWHERE aims to be a holistic first person experience set within a mystic cosmos, focusing on emergent player-driven storytelling, strong social AI and high replayability through the use of procedural content, combining gameplay elements of exploration, survival, strategy, communication and adventure.

Our story arc aims to explore human topics such as family, science, religion, politics, culture and history as well as shed light on existential themes such as fate, choice and free will, seen through the unfamiliar lens of individuals in a post humanist, post singularian alien society.

NOWHERE was born out of the desire to make sense of the human condition through the pursuit of new experiences. We believe that games can relate wisdom; we are convinced that playing games can lead to new perspectives and better life decisions in a fun way. With NOWHERE we aim to contribute to this line of thought.

  • Early Access Game
  • DRM Free
  • Procedurally generated, no assets
  • Greenlit by the community on March 4, 2014
  • Includes final release version and subsequent updates (Estimated delivery: TBA). Steam key (Early Access and Release) as soon as available.
  • Developed with Liminal, an in-house prototyping game engine for no-static-assets procedural games, using None, an inhouse-developed programming language with unique features
  • Oculus Rift Support

Current Alpha Version: 91

In this alpha build, you're floating in a very tiny version of what is eventually going to become a huge pocket universe. (We are scaling up the world as performance and technology improves.)

  • No explicit goal or win state
  • Launching the game for the first time, procedural data will be precalculated, which can take about five to ten minutes
  • It's about the very basic way a Nowherian moves through space: the tether beam.
  • The big structures you see are dormant Nowherians; at a later point, they will be recursively inhabited, and growing all kinds of assisting structures on their surfaces; textures and colors will also be widely varying, as we continue to develop our texture generator.
  • You're starting in the body of a baby Nowherian, about 2m in diameter.
  • The movement physics work akin to how actual space works: as energy is conserved,any impulse towards a particular direction is conserved; the force of your motor is capped for your convenience. The brakes generate an opposing force that brings you to near standstill; but as you know, standing perfectly still in space is impossible.
  • The soundtrack adjusts to your actions; it intensifies when you are active,and calms down when you rest. Our goal is to avoid usual sound effects and embed all sound within the music. What you hear is an early concept of that idea.
  • A Nowherian day is about 40 minutes long. If you hang around long enough (hah),you'll see the entire cycle of the nearby artificial hemispheric star, whose rotation coincidentally simulates the sun colors of an earth day (and a special one.)

For more details please take a look at the README file.

System Requirements:

The game is designed to run smoothly at 60 frames per seconds on our main development computer, which is an AMD Phenom II 1055T with 8 GB of RAM and an NVidia GTX 460 video adapter. About 30-60 frames per seconds can be expected on an Intel i5 2,3 GHz with 4 GB of RAM and an integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 video adapter. If your computer is comparable but you get way worse performance even after a driver update, please let us know.

NOWHERE is still in early development, so we can't really say for sure. Mid- and high-end PC's will certainly get the most out of it, but we're including low-end graphics settings as well. For the alpha, you will need an OpenGL 3.2 capable graphics card. We consider the NVIDIA GTX 460 a good entry level. Users with older laptops and Intel graphics cards might run into early issues.

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Buy Now$21.00 USD or more

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